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Welcome to RichFrancis International Collegiate, where excellence in education meets a global perspective. We are an esteemed international school offering a comprehensive curriculum for students at the Nursery, Primary, and Secondary levels. With a strong commitment to academic excellence, character development, and fostering a love for learning, we provide a nurturing environment that empowers young minds to thrive and become well-rounded individuals.

At RichFrancis International Collegiate, we recognize the importance of a quality education in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. Our dedicated team of experienced educators, administrators, and support staff is passionately committed to providing a stimulating and inclusive learning environment that caters to the unique needs of each student. Through our engaging and innovative teaching methodologies, we aim to foster a love for knowledge and equip our students with the skills they need to succeed in an ever-evolving global landscape.

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We are committed to fostering academic excellence, character development, and personal growth in every child, while offering a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to meet the highest educational standards for learning.

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Our school is the best because we aim at producing total children who will be complete physically as we be giving them balanced diet, children to be cared for mentally as they all will be taught with the scheme of work and curriculum including early coding or programming (computer), to be instructed in the word of God and to be guided socially have good relationship with God and man.
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Bishop Sunday Obioma Eze

Welcome to RichFrancis International Collegiate!

As the Director of our esteemed Nursery, Primary, and Secondary School, I am thrilled to extend my warmest greetings to all students, parents, and staff. At RichFrancis, we believe in fostering an inclusive and nurturing environment that encourages holistic growth and academic excellence. Our dedicated team of educators is committed to providing quality education, personalized attention, and a wide range of extracurricular activities to develop well-rounded individuals. We prioritize the social, emotional, and intellectual development of our students, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to succeed in an ever-changing world. Together, let’s embark on an exciting educational journey and shape a brighter future for our children.

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