Our Vision

Our vision is to realize a measurable quality teaching and learning in all sections of Richfrancis Collegiate by strengthening existing administrative organs from our international partners through a disposition of professional with competence, accountability and prudence in conduct, work capacity and efficiency that will definitely enhance and meet up national and international standard . The schools will offer a well rounded curriculum, personalized instruction and extra curricular activities with dedicated educators, modern facilities targeted for continuous improvement to prepare our children to excel in a rapidly changing word.

Our Mission

To establish a quality academic foundation among our children which can meet up with the international standard through sustainable and competent administrative framework and skillful teaching.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a holistic educational experience that encompasses academic rigor, intellectual, emotional , social and physical development of our children in all stages. This will foster a safe and conducive learning environment where children will be encourage to explore their passion , embrace diversity and become active contributors to the society for nation building.

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